Five nights a week brings you the topical comedic nuggets of Joe Lateshow, a man best summed up by that old saying “Those who can’t do teach; those who can’t teach teach gym; and those who can’t teach and don’t like the smell of locker rooms host late night internet talk shows.” Joe’s show was once described by TV Guide as “some show we’ve neither seen nor heard of” and he was once named Iowa’s Most Average Late Night Internet Talk Show Host, which was weird since he’s never been to Iowa.

Joe’s career path has been a meandering roadmap of undistinguished accomplishments, unfinished business and personal embarrassments too numerous to list on one page. He attributes his safety scissor sharp wit and lawsuit inducing interview style to his journey of personal discovery during college which consisted of spending six months naked in a Nebraska haystack. Coincidentally, it was that same of journey which also caused him to swear of off magic mushrooms once and for all.

Joe describes his political philosophy as Libertarian Marxist Fascism, tempered with a dash of good old fashioned Whig sensibilities. There’s nothing he enjoys more than laying a good old fashioned ideological smackdown on unusally short Scientologists. Watch out Tom Cruise!

Joe lives in the ‘burbs in a desperately drab, uninspired split level ranch with his wife Jane and two children, Jimmy and Joanie. He spends his spare time cyber-stalking old high school classmates and trying to make it up to his wife for just about everything he’s ever done. He looks forward to the day when he can retire and watch Oprah full time.
Phil Chumworth Johnson is a comedy writer and married father of two girls. He likes extremely short walks on the beach under a blazing sun and enjoys cheeseburger subs. He’s also 6’3”, although he’s always secretly wished he was 6’4”; there’s a big difference.

He’s written jokes for The Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Last Call with Carson Daly and has contributed material to The Colbert Report. His jokes have been published in The New York Times, TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly and The New York Post. He’s also performed stand up comedy, though while he was certainly standing, some people might dispute whether it was actually comedy.

Brad Fitz Fitzpatrick is a freelance illustrator, animator, & cartoonist. He spends most of his days drawing funny little cartoon pictures from his home studio in the deep woods of Maine where no one can physically find him. In his spare time Brad tries to make his family & friends laugh at inopportune moments. He’s also an avid golfer, skilled beer-drinker (mmm…beer!), camping & outdoor enthusiast, and seasoned procrastinator.

Not many people know this about Brad, but he’s also a pretty darn good juggler after a few of those beers.